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What You Need, Baby You Got It!

Grant 3 results are in! Check out all the amazing ways your donations are Making A Difference all around Virginia!


HASNs' 3rd grant theme was What You Need, Baby You Got It! and it centered around the individual needs of our HASN Partner organizations and what they needed most to help alleviate the challenges they face in their communities and make the greatest impact for homeless pets and pet owners throughout the state.

Realizing how vastly different the regions of this diverse state are and knowing that not all rescues and communities have access to needed resources, we felt it best to let each organization request funding assistance to purchase the resources or services they need most. We suggested they look at the needs of their community, be innovative, think outside the box and create a new program or let us help improve an existing program that would make a difference to their organization and community.

We received numerous grant requests for various services and equipment including:

· Spay/Neuter surgeries for low-income pet owners and homeless pets thereby reducing unwanted births and euthanasias.

· Assisting pets of the homeless and/or low-income pet owners with medical treatments, vaccines, behavioral assistance, food, and supplies, allowing them to keep their beloved pets.

· Shelter Surrender Intervention programs aimed at assisting pet owners in need or crisis, including domestic violence victims, to prevent them from surrendering their pets to the shelter.

· Kenneling to build a large exercise area with pavers to provide the room for several Great Pyrenees dogs rescued from a hoarding case giving them room they've never known to play and exercise.

· Funds to help purchase and move a building that will house cats and kittens as they arrive at the facility and reduce the spread of disease.

· Foster programs aimed at keeping homeless pets out of animal shelters and giving them the safety & experience of a home environment while they await their forever homes.

· Gas cards for volunteers in a remote county who drive over 50 miles each way for Vet appointments and to pick up pet supplies.

HASN awarded grants totaling $50,900 to 13 HASN Partners all across the State of VA and we are very excited at the prospects and successes these grants will make for each of them. Please follow us on Facebook to see the success stories as they roll in and share in our excitement as we celebrate with them.

No Tails Left Behind!

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