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Puppy with green bean

Above all, we are animal lovers and protectors. 


We began our mission in Oct. 2012 as a non-profit fundraising organization dedicated to saving lives and advocating for homeless animals in Prince William County and have expanded our mission to help other small animal rescue organizations throughout the State of Virginia. Our efforts are supported by the HASN Fund at CFRRR.


Homeless Animals Support Network:

Grant funding assists with Spay/Neuter programs, Human/Animal Bond programs, and other pertinent issues in the animal welfare community. HASN believes that by expanding our mission to help small rescues that may not otherwise receive financial assistance, we will be improving pets living situations, saving more lives, and reducing euthanasia throughout the state.



HASN promotes spaying and neutering of all pets in an effort to reduce the unwanted birth rate and eliminate euthanasia. We strive to educate the public on animal welfare issues and promote humane actions and attitudes towards all living things.

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