P.W.H.S. Homeless Animals Support Network (HASN) partners with shelters and rescues in the state of Virginia to further the no-kill Virginia vision and save the state's most vulnerable animals. Realizing that not all communities have access to needed resources, HASN strives to bridge the gap by advocating for and offering financial assistance and resources for food, supplies, medical treatments, and more for homeless and adoptable pets living in Virginia.

 Eligible organizations must become a member of the PWHS Homeless Animals Support Network and:

  • have valid 501c3 status or be contract holding shelters or rescues in the state of Virginia

  • have the goal of saving 90% or more of the animals surrendered or transferred in, yearly

  • earn less than $300,000 revenue/yearly


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Homeless Animals Support Network Third Grant Cycle


Introducing The Homeless Animals Support Network 3rd Grant Offering: What You Need, Baby You Got It

The grant theme for this cycle is “What You Need, Baby You Got It” and grants will range from $500 - $5000. We acknowledge that every community and organization is different, so we want to hear from you: what is your greatest need? We are open to funding a wide array of services and programs!

Program examples include:

*Foster programs aimed at keeping pets out of animal shelters, 
*Return to Home programs that assist owners through technology, microchipping, and other resources,
*Shelter Surrender Intervention aimed assisting pet owners in need or crisis, to prevent them from surrendering their pets to the shelter,
*Foster programs for victims of domestic violence or those facing temporary traumatic instances,
*Assisting pets of the homeless and/or low-income pet owners with medical treatments, vaccines, behavioral assistance, food and supplies, etc.,
*Spay/Neuter services,
*Something cool and unique that YOUR community needs!
Look at the needs of your community, be innovative, think outside the box and create a new program or let us help you improve on an existing program that would make a difference in your community. Then tell us about it: what you need to make it succeed and how it will make a difference. 

This grant cycle will open on May 1, 2022 and close on May 31, 2022.



Or maybe you founded, work for, volunteer at, or are a board member with an awesome rescue or shelter in Virginia?!

If so, sign up to become a Homeless Animals Support Network (HASN) partner NOW! This partnership will make your organization eligible for grant funding, emergency veterinary care coverage through our P.A.W.S. fund (more below), special highlighting on our social media platforms, and so much more!

Won't you join us in making Virginia the safest, most humane state for homeless and neglected animals?

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P.A.W.S. Fund Request Form

In order to receive medical support for an animal in your shelter or rescue, download and submit the Poor Animals Welfare and Surgical (P.A.W.S.) Fund request for Intake Form. You must be a member of the Homeless Animal Support Network to receive funding assistance.


Download & complete this form to receive medical support for an animal in need at your rescue or shelter. Most requests are processed within 24 hours.

Submit completed form(s) to info@pwhumane.org