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Emergencies happen every day in animal welfare. This grant exists to save lives and assist in crisis situations.


Examples of situations we would fund:

  • Critically injured animal,

  • Veterinary surgeries and treatments to enrich or save a pet's life,

  • Supplies for large-scale intake (such as hoarding or weather-related transport),

  • Replenishing an empty food pantry,

  • Behavioral modification/training to avoid euthanasia


These grants are available to rescue organizations and low-budget shelters only. All requests will be reviewed as received.



Dexter is a previous grant recipient. He was born blind and with a rare congenital disorder that makes it difficult for food to travel from his mouth to his stomach. This serious condition is called Megaesophagus. Through Xrays and diagnostics, the veterinarians found they could correct this with surgery.


Dexter's surgery was a success and he will now be able to eat like a normal dog! He has been adopted!

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