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Prince William Humane Society to Help Ukraine's Pets!




How Can We Best Help the War-Stricken Pets of Ukraine?

It is estimated that more than 6 million people have now fled Ukraine since Russia’s invasion began on February 24 and another 8 million have been displaced. Families fleeing the violence are limited in what they can carry, but many are making the effort to bring their beloved pets with them, uncertain of what lies ahead. Some pets that have been left behind, or are unable to be cared for, are being rescued locally and by organizations in neighboring countries.

Pets caught in the crisis in Ukraine

The atrocities of the war in Ukraine have shattered the lives of not only millions of Ukrainians but also thousands of dogs and cats.

Many people forced to flee Russian bombs and shells took almost nothing from their homes but clothing, documents, and their animals. Their pets are family, just like ours are to us and they were not about to leave them. They arrived on leashes, in crates, cages, walking, and carried.

As their 10 day journey was nearing it's end, their senior dog could not go any further. The family would not leave him and no one would offer a ride, so the husband carried him the rest of the way.
Man carries his dog the rest of the way to Poland

Two women carry their dogs in a crate through the reception center in Medyka, PolandThousands of Ukrainians, mostly women and children, have been arriving at this border town every day, many carrying their pets with them.

While others had to leave their dogs and cats behind, not knowing if they were dooming them to death. Many have starved to death and many more are wandering bombed-out cities wounded, starving, and scared.

Pets left behind, barely surviving in Kyiv Shelter
Saying Goodbye to his paralyzed dog!

We know you've seen these and so many other pictures and stories of the results of Russia's war on the Ukrainian people and their pets. It's incomprehensible to us and we felt we just had to do something to help! But how do we give and who should we give to?

P. W. Humane Society creates the Ukraine Relief Fund

Prince William Humane Society is heartsick over the war in Ukraine and we felt compelled to do something to help. But we didn't know where to start or which organizations we should support. So we've done the research on several charities including visiting their web and Facebook pages, doing a Guidestar query reviewing their mission statements, and following their progress on the situation in Ukraine. We've also spoken with Veterinarians who have been in Ukraine or the surrounding countries, working with the victims to get their first-hand knowledge and input on which organizations were doing the most and actually making a difference. As a result of this research, we've chosen a few U. S. based charities that are on the ground or directly assisting rescue groups in Ukraine and neighboring countries.

The charities selected are doing great and much-needed work by supplying food and water, general supplies, medical supplies and treatments, safe shelter, transportation, and providing volunteers and staff on location to personally assist with this crisis.

The charities we've selected are:

  • International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) - This organization is a global non-profit that works in more than 40 countries across the world and has been working with animal shelters in Ukraine since 2014 after the 1st Russian Invasion. They are on the ground helping Ukrainian rescuers, shelters and refugees keep and care for their pets. They receive a score of 86.55 on Charity Navigator and a Gold Star rating on Guidestar.

  • The Street Dog Coalition - based out of Colorado, this organization's goal is very similar to ours, protecting the human-animal bond and caring for lives on both ends of the leash. Dr. Jon Geller, SDC's Founder and Medical Director spent 12 days in Romania setting up and running a tent Vet clinic providing vet checks, vaccines, and medications to keep refugee families together. Their efforts are ongoing and this organization comes highly recommended by other Vets we spoke to who have been there. This organization has a Platinum star rating from Guidestar.

  • Network for Animals - This international animal welfare organization has people on the ground in Ukraine and surrounding border countries working round the clock to rescue feed and evacuate stray and abandoned animals from the war zones. They have numerous local partners and are risking their lives to provide maximum aid to these animals in crisis.

P.W.H.S. has set up a UKRAINE RELIEF FUND and is pledging to send a minimum of $2500 to these charities so they can continue their life-saving efforts.

If you too, feel the need to help but don't know where to send a donation, please donate through the link below. The situation is dire and YOU can make a world of difference by joining us in this effort and making an even bigger impact.


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