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Humane Society President Donates $1,000 in Supplies to Dumfries Elementary

Lori Leary, President of the Prince William Humane Society, recently donated over $1,000 worth of supplies to Dumfries Elementary. Leary states, "We are proud to support the teachers and students of Dumfries Elementary, a school highlighted in a recent article as the area's top school for test scores, affordable living, and diversity."

Dumfries Elementary was recently named the #1 Hidden Gem in the D.C. area by As highlighted in the article, " publishes public K-12 school rankings that normalize for parent income, elevating diverse schools to the forefront and shifting focus away from family income."

Dumfries Elementary was selected for exceptionally high test scores, "exceeding expectations by 51%," as well as location. Dumfries Elementary is located in an affordable zip code, in fact the most affordable on the list. This article urges parents: "Parents in the DC Area: make sure to take a second look at this school for your children!"

When the Adopt Shop closed earlier this summer, we started the process of selling and donating items to local animal welfare organizations. From kennels to pet food to floor cleaning machines, we wanted to be sure the items we were selling or donating would do the most good possible. In part, that is why we decided to donate the remaining office supplies to Dumfries Elementary. Teachers and students are struggling unlike ever before in light of funding issues and COVID, and we knew our supplies would be put to good use!

A few of the items we were able to donate: 100's of pens, pencils, paper clips, binder clips, staples, file folders, copy and colored paper, sticky notes, note pads and notebooks, 4 boxes of binders, office/desk supplies, a library book holder, and boxes of educational and elementary books.

We are so thrilled we were able to donate these supplies to Dumfries Elementary.

We want to thank all teachers from the bottom of our hearts! We support you and we know you are doing the very best you can, often times with limited resources.

To read more about Dumfries Elementary and other hidden gems in the area, click here!


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