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Prince William Humane Society Funds 1st Homeless Animal Support Network (HASN) Grants

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

June 1, 2021 As part of our new mission to assist small rescue organizations and underfunded shelters in Virginia, the Prince William Humane Society recently awarded $20,350 to 6 Homeless Animals Support Network (HASN) Affiliate Partners. The theme of this grant cycle is Preserving the Human/Animal Bond and Keeping Pets in their Home and Out of Shelters. We are happy to say that each of the Affiliate Partners that applied was awarded a grant for their program and to announce the winners and tell you a little about their programs.

Appalachian Great Pyrenees Rescue will receive $1850 to fund a behavior specialist/trainer who is familiar with that unique breed to provide training and/or consultation for a pet owner that has either adopted one of their dogs or wishes to turn in a Pyrenees who they can no longer manage thereby providing the best chance to stay in their homes. They have had great success with this program in the past, but have been unable to fund it in recent years. We wish them great success and lots of happy Pyrs and owners.

Update: AGPR used their funds to provide behavioral training for 5 adoptable and adopted dogs. That program is still active.

Squishy Face Crew, a foster-based rescue located in Fredericksburg, will receive $4000 to fund a program that will offer all dog adopters the opportunity for a fee-waived 30-minute consult and at least one in-person full session with one of their training partners. The trainer will work with the adopter to evaluate the pet's behaviors and needs and give them direction toward integrating the pet into their home and lifestyle. They will also use the funds to microchip and register every pet adopted from SFC.

Update: SFC the grant to purchase microchips and behavioral training for adopted dogs.

Friends of Russell County Animals will receive $5000 to fund 3 programs to Provide Free Spay/Neuter, Increase Access to Urgent and Preventative Veterinary Care, and Offer Outreach Services to Encourage Pet Retention. This organization is located in Russell County, Virginia where the poverty level can be as high as 24.8% in certain districts. Friends of Russell County Animals recognizes the importance of the human-pet bond and since 2016 has centered its efforts on “bridging the gap” for people and pets. We are happy to support them in their good work.

Update: Grant funds were used to Spay/Neuter 28 cats & 9 dogs, provide Vet. care for 9 cats & 1 dog, vaccines/medications/treatments for 64 pets, and build 3 fenced yards and 2 kennels allowing 6 dogs to live "Chain Free"! Amazing Work!

Furever Friends Lodge is a relatively new all-volunteer organization located in Rockbridge County including Buena Vista, Lexington, and Natural Bridge areas. They have a program aimed at supplying in-need families with free pet food through a local food bank. They will receive a $2500 grant plus microchips for cats and kittens in their area in an effort to keep them out of the local shelters.

Update: These grant funds were used to provide microchips for 162 cats and spay/neuter for several cats.

Smyth Animal Rescue & Resource Center is located in rural Southwest VA where 16.5% of residents live in poverty. P.W. Humane Society is thrilled to grant them $2000 to create a new program that will provide low-income pet owners the desperately needed assistance such as flea/tick medications, basic grooming (nail trims, baths, haircuts), and other supplies to maintain a good quality of life for pets and a clean environment for their owners.

Update: These grant funds are being used to assist low-income pet owners as the need presents itself.

Animal Resources of Tidewater will receive $5000 for a new Safety Net Foster program in the City of Norfolk. This program would provide temporary housing in foster homes for owned animals whose owners are in crisis (e.g. domestic violence, hospitalization, eviction, arrest, rehabilitation for substance abuse). ART is partnering with Norfolk Animal Care Center (NACC) on this innovative program. Operations would be carried out by NACC staff while ART volunteers will work with NACC staff to provide crates for short-term fosters, medical care, spay/neuter, etc. for animals in the program.

Update: Some of the funds were used to purchase a specialized crate for very large or multiple pets requiring housing for the pets of domestic abuse victims. They have helped 2 victims and their 4 pets to escape abusive situations thus far.


Prince William Humane Society is proud to sponsor the Homeless Animals Support Network and thrilled to be supporting these inspirational and worthwhile organizations and their programs. It is because of our generous individual donors, bequests, and sponsorships that we are able to provide these grants. We thank each and every one of you for your compassion and generosity and we anxiously look forward to many more grant cycles in the future, saving many more pets' lives and improving the human/animal bond.

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