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A New Life for the PW Humane Rescue Wagon!

When we refocused our Mission a few months ago, we started looking for a new home for the Humane Society Rescue Wagon. We wanted to be sure the vehicle was used to save lives and transport necessary supplies to shelters in need. We knew the perfect home was out there, ready to give the wagon a new life!

We are SO pleased to announce that Homeward Trails Animal Rescue is the new proud owner of the rescue vehicle, and they have ALREADY put it to good use!

Here is what Rebecca Goodhart of Homeward Trails has to say:

"We love our new van! It went on it's most important mission to date yesterday. We were asked late Tuesday night by our partners at the Petco Foundation to help with animals being evacuated from Houston area shelters ahead of Hurricane Laura. We of course said yes and sent the van to Richmond yesterday to meet dogs flying in for several VA shelters. We ended up getting 7 dogs and 7 cats.

We have been using the van for all kinds of transports to pick up dogs and cats, go to the spay/neuter clinic, and pick up large donations. We are looking forward to being able to use it for mobile adoptions once we are back to doing offsite adoption events. 

It's been sooooo nice having a second vehicle!"

We are so inspired by the work of Homeward Trails and their dedicated and compassionate volunteers, and oh so happy that the rescue wagon is still saving lives! Here are a few more photos from the rescue mission:

A huge thanks to Homeward Trails and to all of our donors and supporters who made this dream a reality!

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