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There's no debating the positive impact pets have on our lives.  They lift our spirits in the darkest times, they love us truly unconditionally, they are our companions through thick and thin. 


Senior pets and senior humans make a beautiful combination!

The Seniors 4 Seniors adoption program began in May of 2012 with the purpose of placing adoptable pets over six years old with pet lovers over 60 years old. Research shows that pets provide innumerable health, social and other benefits to the elderly. 90% of seniors polled say they are less lonely and much happier since adopting an animal. 


Senior 4 Seniors has found loving homes for 201 senior pets at Prince William County Animal Shelter at a cost of $18,585 in adoption fees, spay and neuter fees, and other medical treatments. A total of 148 dogs & 53 cats found their forever homes through this program thanks to our generous donors.


Seniors 4 Seniors


Donate today to give the gift of happiness, health, companionship, and love to a member of the senior community.

Here are a few happy Seniors for Senior matches made over the years!

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