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In partnership with small rescues and shelters throughout the state of Virginia, and through the support of our generous and compassionate donors, we are striving to ensure a No-Kill VA by 2025. Realizing that not all rescues and communities have access to needed resources, HASN will bridge the gap by advocating for and providing grant assistance and resources to underserved and impoverished communities and homeless pets throughout the state. 


We will strengthen our Fur-ever Together program to prevent the surrender of owned pets to shelters by partnering with outreach groups to empower pet owners to keep their beloved pets. 


Lastly, HASN’s Poor Animals Welfare and Surgical (PAWS) Fund will provide lifesaving veterinary services for sick and injured homeless pets, improving their quality of life and assuring them a chance for a full and happy life.



HASN seeks a happier and brighter future for pets throughout the state of VA, where all healthy and treatable animals will have the resources and ability to find forever homes, resulting in No-Kill VA by 2025.


Be the Bridge: Connect community members in need of support with valuable resources, empowering them to keep their two- and four-legged family together. 

Be the person pets know you are: Pets don’t judge us; they simply love us unconditionally and think the world revolves around us. Be worthy of that trust and love.


Speak up: We will advocate for the needy animals of Virginia, speaking with honesty, authenticity, and transparency as a trusted community resource, always putting the animals first and foremost.


Do Whatever it Takes: Pets don’t belong in shelters; they belong in loving homes. As an organization we will do whatever it takes to bridge the gap between homelessness and forever homes. 

Connect and Collaborate: Establish shelter and rescue partnerships throughout the state, and collaborate with underserved communities in pursuit of a No-Kill Virginia by 2025.


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