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To date, 39 small animal rescue organizations across the state of Virginia have joined the Homeless Animals Support Network, HASN. Twenty of those organizations have benefited from HASN partnership - helping to keep families together, increase adoptions, provide spay and neuter subsidies, and give homeless animals the chance for a happier and brighter future. 


We launched our first grant cycle in August of 2021 with the goal of keeping families together. Nobody should lose the love of a pet because of financial hardship. We granted the following six organizations funding to start or strengthen programs in their own communities to support pet owners during difficult times, and to keep pets in homes:

Appalachian Great Pyrenees Rescue

Squishy Face Crew Virginia

Friends of Russell County Animals

Furever Friends Lodge

Smyth Animal Rescue and Resource Center

Animal Resources of Tidewater

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Through this grant, Strengthening the Human/Animal Bond & Keeping Pets in the Home, we helped provide:

  • microchipping for 360 pets,

  • Spay/Neuter procedures for over 90 homeless and disadvantaged pets

  • Vaccines and medicines for 114 owned pets

  • Foster care, crates, spay/neuter, and vet care for several victims of domestic violence

  • Grooming and nail clipping for needy pet owners

  • Behavioral training for 2 dogs being considered for surrender

  • 3 fenced exercise yards and 2 kennels allowing 6 dogs to live "chain free"! 

Read below for some special stories that touched our hearts!

Beloved dogs get vet care & a yard of their own to run & play!


The first Homeless Animals Support Network (HASN) grant cycle was created to keep pets with the people who love them, preserving the human animal bond. Grant recipient Friends of Russell County Animals (FRCA) really achieved that vision with their grant award!

They recently helped an animal loving senior named Reona with spay and neuter for her pets, only to realize there was much more work that needed to be done. Her hound and two bulldogs lived tethered under an old home, just behind her residence. Because of her age and limited income, she could not afford fencing or kennels for her pets.

Late June, the HASN grant and a group of FRCA volunteers helped make Reona’s dream come true. Reona and her furry family were overjoyed with their new-found “freedom”. She is now able to open her back door and let her pets run free and play. It was a wonderful site for all to see. Together with HASN, we are improving the lives of both people and pets.

This story exemplifies the work being done all throughout the state of Virginia thanks to our first grant cycle. Please consider a gift today to ensure many more lives will be touched through the Homeless Animals Support Network!

To the left, one of Reona's dogs is chained amid debris and refuse, standing in mud. More photos below.

Sweet dog on chain before fence.

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Dog under crumbling building.

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Dogs playing after fence!

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Sweet dog on chain before fence.

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Left you will see Reona grinning ear to ear after one of her pups received needed veterinary care, and above you will find Reona's pups enjoying their new fenced yard!

Handsome Amos gets a Second Chance through Training

Amos is an incredibly handsome 2 year old Great Pyrenees mix who came to the Appalachian Great Pyrenees Rescue (AGPR) with some pushy, jumpy behaviors. It's one thing when a little puppy is jumping and nibbling, and an entirely different thing when the pup is 100+ pounds. 

AGPR found a wonderful foster home for this big guy, but they needed to find a trainer willing to help him with his manners.

This grant was able to provide big ol' Amos with behavioral support, which helped him find a forever family.

Want to hear what Amos has to say? AGPR shared this "quote":

"AGPR offered to pay for a session or two with their Behavioral Trainer ("BT") and I had my first session last week. BT is awesome! She has worked with the Pyrs for years and years and knows our quirks. She taught my forever (hopefully??) dad some new tricks and lessons and ways to deal with my meeting and greeting skills and I'm learning to respond to them. My foster dad is a big guy and I really like him and I am trying hard to please him. I want to be part of his life forever.

So thank you so much for awarding AGPR the grant to help dogs like me. If not for your generosity, I might not have the opportunity to get a forever home."

Amos visits 082921 (5)  - cmm rva.jpg

Johnny Cash Learns to Walk the Line through Behavioral Support

JohnnyCash - Ryan Barker.jpg

SFC Virginia endeavors to place behaviorally challenged animals who otherwise would not have a chance.


Pictured here is Johnny Cash, saved thanks to Homeless Animal Support Network (HASN) funding!


Approximately a year ago, SFC Virginia helped with a large hoarding situation near Scott County on the border of Tennessee/Virginia. All of the dogs they took out of this situation were under-socialized flight risks who required experienced foster homes and adopters who would understand that it could be months to years before they truly relaxed into their new homes and families. They were fortunate to have found homes for all of the dogs and puppies that they took out of this situation by the beginning of 2021. 


Nearly six months later, almost immediately after they had adopted out their final dog from this case, they were asked to help with the very last dog still sitting in boarding after being removed from the hoarded property.


That dog, if you guessed correctly, was Johnny Cash. He was at immediate risk for euthanasia given the length of time he had been in the kennel, and he had been written off by the rescues that were paying for his time in boarding.


Of course the amazing people at SFC said yes, and Smartypaws Canine Care took Johnny Cash as a foster for them in January. They worked with him extensively, and ultimately found him a home. Here you will find him pictured with his new family & canine sibling, a pup also adopted from SFC Virginia! 

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