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First and foremost, we are animal lovers and protectors. 

We began our mission in Oct. 2012 as a non-profit fundraising organization dedicated to saving lives and advocating for homeless animals in Prince William County and have expanded our mission to help other small animal rescue organizations throughout the State of Virginia. We support our various programs through individual donations, business sponsorship, and virtual and online fundraising events.


Homeless Animals Support Network:

The Prince William Humane Society is partnering with shelters and small rescues in the State of Virginia to further the no-kill Virginia vision and save the states' most vulnerable animals. The Homeless Animals Support Network by PWHS offers grants to partner organizations that are doing amazing work in their areas and demonstrate the financial need for assistance. Grant funding assists with Spay/Neuter programs, Human/Animal Bond programs, and other pertinent issues in the animal welfare community. HASN by PWHS believes that by expanding our mission to help small rescues that may not otherwise receive financial assistance, we will be improving pets living situations, saving more lives, and reducing euthanasia throughout the state.


The Poor Animals Welfare and Surgical (PAWS) Fund saves the lives and limbs of sick, abused, and injured pets so that they may receive the medical treatment they desperately need, time to fully recover and the opportunity to go on to live full and loving lives in new forever homes.

The Seniors 4 Seniors Adoption Program is based on the premise that pets provide innumerable health, social and other benefits to the elderly including; getting more exercise, more feelings of well-being and less depression, the opportunity to love and be loved unconditionally and even a longer, if not, much happier life. We also know that kittens, puppies and younger pets are adopted at much greater rates than senior pets, leaving them to languish at shelters lonely and afraid or worse. Our Seniors 4 Seniors program saves the lives of homeless senior pets at the P. W. County Shelter while enriching the lives of adopters over 60 years young at no cost to the adopter for adoption or spay/neuter services.

The Warrior Buddies Family Adoption Program is designed to improve the morale and welfare of our service members and their families by bringing them unconditional love and companionship in the form of adoptable shelter pets. Prince William Humane Society believes that the families of service members also deserve the love and companionship only pets can provide, so our military family adoptions are offered at a discounted adoption fee for any homeless pet in the Prince William County Shelter.  


The Fur-ever Together Program focuses on preserving the bond between humans and animals by keeping people and their pets together and preventing pet homelessness due to solvable circumstances. P. W. Humane Society works to help avoid the needless surrender of pets by assisting community outreach advocates to provide food and supplies to those in need. 

HASN by PWHS promotes spaying and neutering of all pets in an effort to reduce the unwanted birth rate and eliminate euthanasia. We strive to educate the public on animal welfare issues and promote humane actions and attitudes towards all living things.

We are a volunteer non-profit organization made up of dedicated animal advocates and talented people who come together to combine our skills and passion to accomplish magnificent transformations for pets and pet lovers in Virginia. 

We welcome all who are interested in aiding in this mission and are grateful for their time, resources, and donations to help animals.

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