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OUR MISSION: In partnership with small rescues and shelters throughout the state of Virginia, and through the support of our generous and compassionate donors, we are striving to ensure a No-Kill VA. Realizing that not all rescues and communities have access to needed resources, HASN will bridge the gap by advocating for and providing grant assistance and resources to underserved and impoverished communities and homeless pets throughout the state. 

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Because we know that all rescues and communities' needs are not the same, our Third Grant "What You Need, Baby You Got It" concentrated on the unique needs of each grant applicant and where the funds would accomplish the greatest impact. 

HASN partners put their awarded funds to good use:

  • Over 200 pets were spayed or neutered

  • Over 30 pets received necessary medical intervention

  • 104 pet owners received assistance to keep their pets 

  • An intake facility was constructed

  • Giant kennels were purchased for giant-breed dogs

  • Over 7,700 miles were spent on rescues, transports, and deliveries to pet parents in need

"Legolas came into the Prince William County Animal Shelter with a badly injured leg. Thanks to a grant from HASN, he was able to be neutered at the time of amputation to ready him for adoption. Not only was he adopted, but he was also the very first pet adopted at the event!"

"Having cats available for same-day adoption is crucial to their adoptability both at the shelter and especially events. This program has had such a huge impact on the length of time to adoption for shy, semi-feral, or otherwise hard-to-adopt cats and we sincerely hope we can continue it. Thank you!" Natalie Huls, President Prince William Animal Advocates

Learn about HASN Grants and how YOU can help us save lives!

"Sissy's family was homeless and living in an extended stay motel. Their bulldog had been having some serious issues and they simply couldn't afford a vet visit, much less any additional care. Recognizing the seriousness of the situation and knowing we had the backing of HASN support, we got Sissy into a local urgent care vet... In just a few days, her mom reported that she was back to her normal self, even playing hide and go seek under the covers - something she hadn't done for weeks!" - Salem's Light

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