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OUR MISSION: In partnership with small rescues and shelters throughout the state of Virginia, and through the support of our generous and compassionate donors, we are striving to ensure a No-Kill VA by 2025. Realizing that not all rescues and communities have access to needed resources, HASN will bridge the gap by advocating for and providing grant assistance and resources to underserved and impoverished communities and homeless pets throughout the state. 



HASN seeks a happier and brighter future for pets throughout the state of VA, where all healthy and treatable animals will have the resources and ability to find forever homes, resulting in No-Kill VA by 2025.

Since refocusing our mission in January 2021, the Homeless Animals Support Network has made great strides and accomplished more than we ever imagined. 

Most Recently 

Our 3rd Grant Cycle, What You Need, Baby You Got It" went live. Because we know that all rescues and communities' needs are not the same, this grant is concentrated around the unique needs of each grant applicant and where the money will accomplish the greatest impact. Results will be announced soon!



We know there are so many reasons why you may need help with your pets, especially right now. We want to be sure you get the support you need! 


Check out our resources page, where we share:

  • Veterinary subsidy programs

  • Behavioral support programs for free or reduced fees

  • Pantry programs all over the state of Virginia

  • Re-homing tips and tricks, plus the website where you can safely list your pet for free

Can't find what you need?

We're here for you - Please email us!

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