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Success Tails are stories of our sweet pets that have finally found their forever home. Please check back often for more stories and please sign up below if you would like to help make a difference in a pet's life.
Family Portrait


The Megivern family was in search of a family dog. Having three kids in the house they figured a younger energetic dog would fit in perfectly. Luckily, for them Juice was at the Prince William Humane Society. She was a 3 year old pit mix who had been surrendered. She was already housebroken with great manners.
Becoming part of the family was so easy for Juice. She decided she was the one who makes the rules. When the children horse play and get rough with each other she thinks she needs to step in. She will bark and let them know they need to settle down. Juice is known as the princess of the house. She likes to find the fluffiest bed in the house to sleep in even though she has her own. Her rope is one of her favorite things! She will drop it on anyones lap to get them to play tug-of-war with her. When guests come over Juice is right there to meet them
with her inviting and sweet personality. The only one who needed to watch their back around Juice is Taco, the next door neighbor’s tiny dog. The families make jokes about Juice being interested in having ‘Taco Tuesdays’.
The Megivern family moved into a bigger house recently. Juice was so excited about the move even though there was no ‘Taco Tuesday’ temptation! They said she ran circles around the house with such joy. Something in Juice changed, the Megivern’s said. She seemed to have
a peace at this new house. Even through all of lives changes, Juice realized this family was including her no matter where they went. No more fear of being surrendered again for this little girl! As you can imagine, she makes the rules in this house too.


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Prince William Humane Society (PWHS) teamed up with Off-Leash K9 Training and the Throw-Away Dogs Project to repurpose, train, and relocate one of their own rescue dogs to an Indiana Police Department! Jasper is a two-year-old Pit Bull mix who was originally found as a stray and turned into the Prince William County Animal Shelter.

Through their community partnership with the county shelter, the PWHS transferred Jasper to their Pet Adopt Shop and immediately set out to find his forever home. It became clear early on that his extremely high level of energy, loyalty, and ball drive made him destined for something unique and with a purpose to serve. After two initial assessments by Nick White at Off-Leash K9 Training, he paired us up with the wonderful people at the Throw-Away Dogs Project who specialize in repurposing, training and relocating unique dogs to positively impact our communities.

Jasper excelled through the program and went on to narcotics detection training. Our K9 Jasper now has a job! Upon completion of his Narcotic Detection Training Jasper became a K9 officer of the Kennard Indiana Police Department.

From shelter dog to serving his community – Jasper is the epitome of why all of us involved in animal welfare do what we do. Congratulations to Jasper and the amazing team at Throw Away Dogs Project for giving this sweet boy a second chance on life!


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Kringle’s rags to riches success story is one for the adoption success books! 

Kringle was a stray covered in scars and what appeared to be chemical burns when PWHS brought him to the Pet Adopt Shop for care and compassion. Being a bully breed at an older age made the chances of him getting adopted slim. Despite his prior life and living conditions, he had a kind sweetness in his eyes. Kringle was often overlooked by potential adopters remaining at the Pet Adopt Shop for months until the Napoliello family came along. It only took one visit for them to know this was the new addition to their family!

The first several months were tough. He was terrified of everything. His tail never wagged and he would hide from everything. Going for walks was not an option. Loud noises, other people, and even cars all sent fear through his body. You couldn’t even bribe him with food. To get Kringle to do anything he would have to be picked up and carried. Luckily, he was adopted into a family that has five kids, guinea pigs, cats, dogs and a lizard. Over time with the help of his eclectic family, Kringle saw how normal life could be. It could be fun and not scary. Showered with lots of love and the influence of his siblings Kringle transformed into the life of the party.

It has been over a year now since his adoption. When people come to the door he greets them with a wagging tail. He is so curious about everything and loves everyone. Car rides are one of his favorite things now. If the car door opens he is in there and ready to go! Doesn’t matter where it is, he’s ready! And walks, he is all about them.

When the Napoliello’s brought home their new baby Kringle’s body language changed. They were not sure what it was, but he became the most confident one in the house. He passed the torch of being the most vulnerable one off to the baby. Now it’s his turn to show the love and care he received to the newest member of the family. He now has a sense of responsibility and purpose!



Galvin, now affectionately called Milo, had a rough start in the adoption process. Hard to believe this handsome pet was an owner surrender but it happened. Milo was adopted relatively quickly after coming to the adopt shop, but it didn’t work out to no fault of his own. But, although initially disappointing, this turned out to be the best thing for Milo because he found his true mom.

Milo’s been very courageous on his journey since finding his furever home in August 2017. When he met his mom, Stacy, he knew she was the one. They bonded immediately but Stacy took her time before making the final decision to take Milo home. Stacy came to the shop multiple times, spending at least two hours each time with Milo. She’d walk him, sit and talk with him, and gently pet him to give him the assurance he needed to trust. Milo is still timid in some situations, but nothing compared to when he first went home. 


Milo’s come out of his shell quite a bit and has started trusting people more. He loves saying hi to people but is still hesitant to let strangers pet him. Going to the park always gets Milo excited. His mom plans to enroll him in swimming classes during the summer because he seems to like the water. Milo very much enjoys “sharing” our human food with his new family and mom loves him very much. Stacy says “the more he opens up the goofier he becomes. Quite a silly dog with a lot of energy.”