Between the costumes, decorations and flood of people in your neighborhood,
Halloween can be a very scary time of year for both people and pets.

Give your pets a treat by following these tricks to a safe and happy Halloween!


Identify Your Pets
Whether you are or aren’t planning to take your pets out this Halloween, please make sure all of your animals have proper identification. By having a collar, ID tags and microchip on each of your pets, you are potentially saving their life. With so much foot traffic this time of year even a housed pet can get out and without proper identification, it will be more difficult for your pet to be returned to you quickly.

Choose Costumes Wisely

Although one of the safest bets for getting your pets in the Halloween
spirit is by using a loosely tied
bandanna, many of us still enjoy dressing
up our pets up in costumes. If a costume is in your pet’s future, choose one
that is loose fitting and will not make it difficult for your pet to move around.
f costumes are too tight or if they have too many bells and whistles, you pet
could get tangled up or cause injury to him or herself while trying to get out
of the
outfit. Some pets really don’t like being dressed up. If your pet is one
that doesn’t like costumes, don’t force them to wear something for your own
amusement. This will just add stress and will leave you with a very unhappy


Avoid the Candy

As much as your pets give you those puppy dog eyes or nudge you begging for treats, resist the urge to share your Halloween candy with them. Both chocolate and xylitol, a sweetener found in many candies, can be especially dangerous for your pets to eat. In addition, the sticks of lollipops or the wrappers of the candy can be choking hazards for your pet. If your pet ingests any of your candy, please call your veterinarian as soon as possible.


Be Aware of Decorations

Holiday decorations such as carved pumpkins, electrical cords,
plants or decorative corn should be kept away from your pets.
Not only could a swinging tail or a curious cat knock over
candles or lit Jack-O-Lanterns, but they could also chew on
cords or eat plants that could be harmful to them. If you have
decorations like these 
at your house, make sure to keep them
out of reach of your pets, or secure them so that pets won’t get
harmed. Instead of open flames, try using battery-powered
candles or other decorations that can be more pet-friendly.

Keep Them Separated

Whether you are having an indoor bash or just greeting trick-or-treaters at your door, a rush of people at your home can be stressful to your pets. Keep your pet’s anxiety level to a minimum by placing your pet in a separate room or away from where all of the foot traffic occurs. If the noises continue to bother them, consider turning on some relaxing music so it can tune out some of the other chatter that comes along with the Halloween festivities.

Dog in costume
Jack O' Lantern
Jack O' Lantern
Halloween Hat and Decor